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Sammamish Sr. High School

This site and the Reunion Committee associated with it are not affiliated in any way with Sammamish Sr. High School or the Bellevue School district. They neither endorse this site or provide it with an finacial backing. Our only connection is that we went to and (in most cases) graduated from, Sammamish Sr. High School. To that group, this site is dedicated.

Privacy Statement

Fellow alumni, the privacy policy here is very straight forward.  The information gathered here and through any other methods organized by the SHS reunion committee, its volunteers or authorized agents, is for the sole purpose of organizing the SHS reunions and presentation and archival on this web site. At no time will we give, sell, transfer or trade any personal information about our members to any other body, organization or business for any reason short of a court order.


Registration on this site binds you to agreeing with the polices of this site. When you register you are given the chance to ask us to hide your contact information from being displayed in any of the places on this site where it might otherwise appear as a function of the site. The listings in the online yearbook are an example. You may at anytime request that your contact information be made private. 

Email Announcements and Newsletters

We will from time to time send out emails to alert you to any planned gatherings as well as to keep the records current. This will also include regular attempts to find unregistered alumni.


The site does not at this time require the use of cookies. However in the event that the need should arise we will only use a cookie to save user log in information to make your repeat visits easier and faster and to retain any personal preferences if any.

The Site, Membership and Access

This site, its codebase, its content & creative direction are all the sole intellectual property of the site's developer, Michael Leighty and his consulting business, Leightynet.org Professional Web Services. The site owner and the SHS Reunion Committee members are not responsible for the opinions and comments expressed on this site by any of its members except their own. Please see the site Rules of Conduct section for more information.

No warrantees of service are given or implied. Membership on this site is currently free and will remain free as long as it is financially feasible. While some sections are open to the public, site content is for the most part restricted to its members. Membership is predetermined by who was in our graduating class. If you appear in the index of the 1980 annual as a senior then you are a member and all you need do is activate your account. In some special cases we have added folks as honorary members. Examples would be; you would have graduated from SHS had your family not moved or you moved into district after the class list for the 1979/80 was finalized.

This website is not open source. It is an ASP.net based web application with a SQL 2K3 backend. For more information about the technology please email the webmaster.


Advertising is currently not accepted. So long as the operating costs and time commitment remain at current levels (Jan 07), no additional revenue for its operation will be required and the site shall remain online more or less as is. In the event that the site should go viral or becomes a major time commitment, some advertizing and or membership donations may be sought.

Pictures and Images

Pictures are an important part of the nature of this website. Pictures taken at our events by reunion committee members are by definition intended to be posted here on the site after the event for everyone to enjoy. Intent to publish is included in all event announcements. Reunion event attendees consent to allow their picture or pictures to be published by attending the event unless a written request not to is submitted at or before attending the event. All pictures taken are the property of the person that took them. Pictures sent in to committee members, unless otherwise stated, may at the committee or webmaster's discretion be posted or not posted on the web site. Requests to have pictures removed are discouraged but exceptions are allowed. The following conditions are used to judge whether a picture will or won't be posted.

  1. This is generally a family oriented site. Pictures of a sexually suggestive or pornographic nature will not be allowed under any conditions.
  2. Pictures posted must be generally viewable ie. in focus and in a format consistent with the general nature of the site. Pictures that don't meet the quality standards of the webmaster and or reunion committee may be removed at their discretion.
  3. Requests to have a picture removed will be declined except when:
    1. The request comes from the owner of the picture.
    2. The request comes from the person in the picture if they are either the only person in the focal point of the picture or they can be easily removed or obscured by cropping or other digital effects.
    3. It can be shown that posting the picture is in someway dangerous or threatening to the person(s) in the picture.
  4. Pictures from our events currently do not support tagging, voting or commenting and therefore do not identify anyone shown thereby protecting their identity. At some point the webmaster may enhance the photo gallery sections to include these kind of features and if so will move these sections behind the login so that privacy can be maintained.
  5. The online yearbook is only accessible to logged in members and will not be made available to the general public.

Rules of Conduct

This website is intended to be a fun place for the alumni of the class of 1980 to come and reminisce and see what old friends are doing. Many areas of the site allow for comments and participating is strongly encouraged. Unfortunately online anonymity seems to bring out the worst in people. Many people feel that it's OK to be rude, condescending, confrontational and/or threatening in a forum when they think no one knows who they are. For this reason alone anonymous posting on this site is not supported. In order to participate in any online discussions you must be logged in so that when you post everyone knows who you are.

For the most part discussion threads and comments will not be actively monitored for rules compliance. We are all adults here and shall behave accordingly. If a member is found to be violating the rules of conduct said member will receive 1 public warning in the thread in questions. If after receiving the warning the member continues to violate the rules, the member will be banned from logging in for a period of 2 weeks on the 1st offence, 1 month on the 2nd and permanent on the 3rd. These conditions may extend to emails if needed.

The rules are really easy to follow. Some of the rules use terms that are common to online forums and blogs. If you are uncertain what they mean please refer elsewhere online for more detailed definitions. The rules of conduct are:

  • Have fun, enjoy the site and reconnect.
  • All members are responsible for their own behavior and conduct exclusively.
  • Please do not use any obscene language.
  • No threats or intimidation between posters.
  • No baiting or trolling.
  • Discussions of a religious or political nature are discouraged but not currently banned however they are not relevant to this site's primary purpose and many other sites are better suited for them.
  • All complaints of abuse will be investigated.
  • Accounts may be blocked at the discretion of the webmaster for any reason.

Members that have had their account blocked or suspended may appeal the block or suspension in writing or email to both the reunion committee and the webmaster.

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